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Helping Hands

How Can You Help?

Many of you have asked how you can help in this campaign and I’m so grateful! There are many ways that you can support me - now and before the election on Tuesday, May 17th.

  • Spread the Word: Please feel free to share my campaign announcement email with your friends and neighbors! Tell them why you’re supporting my candidacy and offer to connect them with me personally so they can ask their own questions and make an informed decision. Texting is also an easy way to spread the word!

  • Share on Social Media: I have posted a public announcement of my candidacy on Facebook (via my personal page and some local community pages). If we’re not already connected on Facebook, please feel free to send me a friend request. It would be incredibly helpful if you could share my announcement with your own networks, as well as a personal note about why you think I’m the best candidate for the job.

  • Show Your Support: Yard signs are on the way! If you’re interested in putting one up on your property, please send me a quick note with your name and address. I’ll do a round of drop offs once they arrive. You can reach me at

  • Connect me with your Networks: If there are local community groups or individuals that you think I should connect with to discuss my candidacy, please let me know and- better yet- provide a personal introduction. Over the coming weeks, I will be looking for opportunities to reach as many potential voters as possible.

  • Attend the BOE Candidate Forum: Details are still coming about this year’s candidate forum (time and venue); however, I do know that it will be on Wednesday, May 4th. I would love to hear your questions and see your support so please mark your calendars!

  • Get out the Vote: In the week leading up to the election, I would be grateful if you are willing to do a second round of outreach to your friends and neighbors. That can mean door knocking on your block, sending out a text blast or email, making another post on your social media account or all of the above! In local elections, getting folks to the polls can be the hardest part of the campaign.

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